About our Windsor Chairs

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The Shell Chair

The Windsor Chair represents a British tradition redefined by colonial American craftsmen. The Windsor Chair combines classic lines and a delicate appearance with a surprising degree of stability and comfort.

Our chairs are hand made using 18th century tools and techniques. Shaving, carving, turning, bending and finishing are all done in our Sullivan, Ohio shop.

Traditionally, Windsor Chairs are made from three types of wood. The seats are poplar, deep-carved and shaped, for extra comfort. The backs and spindles are red oak. The turnings are made from hard maple, providing strength and stability.

A wide variety of turnings, carved ears and knuckles are available and orders can be tailored to your specifications. This gives our Windsor Chairs their unique handmade appearance. Own a piece of tradition destined to become an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.


The Windsor Chair's singular harmony of shape is available in a number of styles, including:

  • Braced Bow Back Side Chair
  • Sack Back
  • Continuous Arm
  • High Back
  • Writing Arm
  • Sack Back Settee
  • Continuous Arm Settee
  • Benches
We also hand craft rocking chairs, highchairs and tables.

Traditional Finishes

A painted and hand-rubbed finish enhances the beauty of these fine chairs. A wide variety of colors are available including Pitch Black, Mustard, Pumpkin,Federal Blue, Lexington Green and Barn Red.

If desired, our chairs can be finished with different colors allowing the underlying colors to show through. This gives the chair the aged appearance of a cherished antique.

Also Available

Our chairs are also available in Oak, Cherry and Walnut with a stained or natural finish.

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